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Specialty coffee is one of the fastest growing sectors of the coffee industry. In the United States alone, its market share has increased from 1% to 20% in the last 25 years. Because the customers are increasingly demanding and demand exclusive products that guarantee a production process of the highest quality. But what exactly is specialty coffee?
The specialty coffee term arises in 1974 from the hand of Erna Knutsen. They used it in the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal to refer to exclusive coffee beans that had been grown in suitable weather conditions and stood out for their aroma and unique flavour.

L o que destaca un café de especialidad, son sus características:   De acuerdo con las normas de la Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA), un café que recibe una puntuación de 80 puntos o más en una escala de 100 es considerado un café de especialidad. Esta puntuación es otorgada por catadores certificados del Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) de Estados Unidos, que tienen en cuenta todas las partes del proceso de producción desde el cultivo hasta la elaboración de la taza de café. El café de especialidad se obtiene a través de un proceso de producción artesanal respetuoso con todas las partes implicadas en el mismo, desde el caficultor hasta el barista. Se distingue por la ausencia de defectos y un aroma, sabor y personalidad excepcionales.

what highlights a specialty coffee, are its characteristics:


According to the rules of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), a coffee that receives a score of 80 points or more on a scale of 100 is considered a specialty coffee. This score is awarded by certified tasters of the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) of the United States. They take into account all the parts of the production process from cultivation to the elaboration of the coffee cup.

Specialty coffee is obtained through a process of artisan production respectful with all the parties involved in it, from the coffee grower to the barista.

It is distinguished by the absence of defects and an exceptional aroma, flavor and personality.

The specialty coffee begins to take shape from the beginning. The crop is a meticulous process and is carried out in a specific region with special conditions of temperature, shade, humidity or height. All these factors directly influence the quality of the grain, which is obtained through an artisan production process in which chemical herbicides or pesticides are completely dispensed with.

In this first step, the type of seed is essential to determine the quality of the final product. Approximately 80% of the production of specialty coffee is Arabica, while only 20% is of the robust variety. The places where more specialty coffee is produced are Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Panama.



e work with the most select crops, taking care that our coffee is of good quality for our consumers. The methods used to collect the grain also directly influence the quality of the coffee. The specialty coffees are always picked by hand and the coffee growers are in charge of selecting the coffee cherries when they are at the right point of maturity to avoid that it is too green or ripe and adds bitterness to the coffee.

Once we have the coffee beans, it is the time of roasting. Each type of grain has an ideal roast depending on its characteristics and also the purpose for which it is being processed. Roasting implies a great responsibility since it is essential to remove all the aromas and essences of the coffee without going over or falling short.

Our baristas toast their grains to adapt them perfectly to the degree of roasting that each coffee preparation requires.

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