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adness Coffee Barcelona was born to spread the specialty coffee. We consider it essential to give the coffee its real relevance, and we pay attention to each of the steps of obtaining it.  from sowing and harvesting by the coffee grower in his country of origin to roasting in our toaster and its final elaboration by our team barista. 

We rely on the fresh-fresh concept; Seasonal coffee, freshly toasted and served directly in the cup.

Desde el inicio hemos sido conscientes de la importancia de los caficultores como eje esencial del café de especialidad. Con este fin, el equipo de Madness Coffee Barcelona viaja constantemente a Colombia, uno de nuestros principales países proveedores, estableciendo estrechas relaciones con los caficultores y con aquellos organismos de Colombia interesados en promover el café de especialidad.

Uno de nuestros intereses fundamentales y en el que estamos especialmente implicados, es el apoyo a los pequeños caficultores, pues gracias a ellos, obtenemos cafés elaborados artesanalmente con sabores únicos.



rom the beginning, we have been aware of the importance of coffee growers as an essential axis of specialty coffee. Madness Coffee Barcelona team constantly travels to Colombia, one of our main supplier countries. We are establishing close relationships with coffee growers and those Colombian organisations interested in promoting specialty coffee.

One of our fundamental interests is the support to small coffee farmers, because thanks to them, we obtain coffees made by hand with unique flavours.


e acquire coffee from different geographical areas worldwide, according to the harvest season in each of them, to enjoy fresh coffee all year round.

At Madness Coffee Barcelona, ​​we receive coffee in green, and we roast it according to its unique characteristics, to praise the qualities of each seed. Finally, after a careful roasting process, the coffee is prepared by our team of baristas, obtaining an excellent and unique result in the cup.



ur project has as its origin the specialty coffee, the idea of ​​working following the fresh-fresh concept, to obtain the best qualities of each coffee.

We receive green coffee, which is transported by plane, thus shortening the time between collection and delivery. In Madness Coffee Barcelona we have a unique roasting area, “The Roastery”. There we toast coffee daily, integrated with the rest of the space, making our customers participate in this part of the coffee making process.



adness is born from our way of working and understanding coffee. Endless hours devoted to the study and research of coffee, trips to producing countries, of the experts we have known and of those we have learned throughout our trajectory and our idea.

Are you ready for the best Specialty Coffee?

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